Thursday, July 10, 2014




Beginning at 0712 on the 25th, artillery preparatory fires were called in on LE BAC (1). These were followed by air missions at 0845. Again at 1000 more artillery prep fires were called in on the target and at 1002 Company L was ordered to move out toward Objective NOVEMBER, (LE BAC (1)). As Company L moved toward the objective another air strike was made and at 1045, Companies M and K with the Command Group again reached the dry stream bed just North of the objective,  (QUAN DUY XUYEN), while Company L moved through the objective approximately 100 meters to the front. At 1205 Company L took one casualty due to small arms fire but avoided heavy contact by withdrawing and calling another air strike on the objective.

At 1220 the Battalion CP Group received mortar and small arms fire from its rear. Mortars and helicopter fire were brought to bear on the enemy positions, while at the same time, the Command Group and all companies commenced moving West, toward the SONG THU BON River. A battalion Command Post was established at AT 942538 and the rifle companies began preparing defensive positions. Re-supply was completed by 1615 and further air and artillery preparatory fires were brought to bear on LE BAC (1). At 1800 on the 25th, the cumulative friendly casualty count was 51 KIA, 204 WIA, 9 WIANE, and 9 MIA. While enemy casualties numbered 114 KIA and 9 detainees. Night positions were manned and at 2120 an ambush from Company M killed two NVA. Artillery and air continued to be called on LE BAC (1) throughout the night.

On the 26th  at 0720, Companies L and M together with tanks commenced moving toward LE BAC (1) from West to East. Both air and artillery continued to fire on the objective. At 0940 Company L found 7 dead NVA and 22 freshly dry graves, which were opened and found to contain NVA dead. Company L received six rounds of mortar fire, wounding six men. The battalion'smortars returned fire on the suspected enemy positions and an artillery mission was called. At 1325 Company M made contact with an unknown size enemy force, receiving small arms and automatic weapons fire as well as RPG rounds directed at the supporting tanks. Company M returned fire, called air strikes on the enemy positions and directed tank fire, all of which resulted in suppressing the enemy. 5 NVA were killed and one captured. At 1520 a torrential downpour halted further contact and under cover of this rain, the enemy broke contact and withdrew toward LE BAC (2), which is located to the East of the objective area. Defensive positions were established in LE BAC (1) and the battalion prepared to spend the night.

Orders from the 27th Marine Regiment had been received indicating that one company from the 1st Battalion would be helilifted into the area and tweo companies from this battalion would be lifted out. This exchange began at 0938 and was essentially completed at 1435. Company C, of 1/27 had been brought in, and Companies K and M had been retracted.

At 1600, the Command Group and two rifle companies commenced moving to a new location  at AT 959529 and arrived at 1625. Immediately, preparations for night defensive positions were begun, helicopter re-supply was completed.

Orders were received indicating that the First Battalion would relieve the Third Battalion on the 28th and that the two forces were to effect a link-up in the vicinity of Liberty Bridge. The column reached Liberty Bridge at about 1400.