Thursday, July 10, 2014




On the morning of the 20th at 0800 Company I and K of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, departed 3/27 Battalion CP to rejoin their parent battalion. At 0800, 3/27 moved to the East with companies L and K in the lead, and with the Command Group and Company M in trace. While enroute, Company K received sporadic sniper fire. Uopn reaching coordinates AT 970522 the battalion formed a perimeter with the three companies and set up night defensive positions. There had been no significant contacts and casualties both enemy and friendly remained unchanged.

At 211150 the battalion began moving North toward objective ECHO, the village complex of  PHU DONG (2). At approximately 1355 at coordinates AT 974532, the battalion's lead elements began receiving small arms and snipe fire. Artillery and air strikes were called on the enemy positions, a number of heat casualties were evacuated, and both air and artillery missions were continued. The battalion pulled back and prepared night defensive positions in the vicinity of AT 972537. At 212235 Company L in defensive positions received 5 to 6 rounds of 60mm mortar fire while at about the same time Company M received small arms fire and 6 rounds of 81mm mortars. Small arms fire was returned and artillery missions were called on suspected enemy mortar positrions.

On 22 May at 0835 the battalion moved out to sweep from its night positions North to AN QUYEN (1). Preparatory fires were fired at coordinates AT 972544. Sniper fire wounded two Marines, neither seriously, and the battalion continued to advance. Another prep fire mission was called at 1200 on coordinates AT 970553 to clear a tree line. The Command Group and lead companies continued to move forward halting on occasion to prep danger areas with air and artillery. Sporadic sniper fire was received by lead elements, but there was no major contact made. At 1452 the lead companies and the Command Group reached coordinates AT 972553 and prepared to set in night defensive positions. Company K had been left back approximately 800 meters with several heat and a few battle casualties, together with some supplies and equipment that had not been picked up previously. Company K  rejoined the remainder of the battalion after the equipment was flown out.

On 23 May at 0800, Companies K and M commenced an offensive sweep North from the battalion's night defensive positions to the SONG THU BON River. Several air strikes and artillery missions were called by both companies but neither company made contact with the enemy and both returned to the battalion's position by late afternoon. The battalion remasined in position for the night.

At 240700 the batallion moved from its night position towards LE BAC (1). Companies K and L comprised the lead elements with the Command Group and Company M following in trace. At 1130, after crossing a dry river bed, the lead units began to receive sporadic small arms fire from a tree line to their front. Company K continued to move forward until 1230, when the encountered heavy resistance from prepared positions in LE BAC (1). Company K remained in heavy contact while Company L received only light sniper fire. Company M was ordered  forward to assist Company K in extricating their wounded and dead as well as those pinned down by heavy enemy fire. Company M moved through the CP Group   with two platoons, leaving one back for CP security. The two companies linked up at about 1400 and Company M in conjunction with Company K attempted to withdraw North to allow supporting arms to neutralize the enemy positions. By 1630 all friendly units were clear of the area and air and artillery fire was called in on LE BAC (1). During the course of the contact both close air and artillery fire was employed. Once disengaged, Companies M, K and L pulled back North toward the battalion CP  and reconnaissance elements were dispatched to the vicinity of PHU TAY (2) to locate a suitable CP site. At about 1700 all units commenced moving to the night time positions in the vicinity of AT 954545. Perimeter defenses were established and re-supply was completed.