Monday, August 2, 2010

III MAF TAOR Expansion//July 1965

20 July 1965

From: Brig Gen NGUYEN CHANH THI CG I Corps & Tao Zone I

To: Commanding General, III Marine Amphibious Force

Subject: Tactical Area of Responsibility of III MAF

1. (ref to letter No. 7366 dated 13 July 65 from Tao Zone I)

And this Headquarters has noted that:

The expanding of the Tactical Area of Responsibility of III MAF in Danang must be done
very slowly and gradually, to be able to control adequately and prevent effectively VC
infiltrations. So the recommended expanding of the TAOR of III MAF in Danang, especially
in the area South of Cam-Le river, must be carried out pahase by phase and in one area
after another.