Monday, August 2, 2010

Combat Information Bureau (CIB) Report//June 1965

3. OPERATION: Since the CIB became operational 11 May 1965, 36 different newsmen have been quartered, sent to various units for news copy, given daily briefings on current action and presented the following day's general intentions with time and location for newsmen to appear.

a. A special American Broadcasting Company (ABC) team from New York arrived 23 May for about two weeks with intentions on Marine activities. They were sent to different units to obtain a complete picture of Marine operations, including construction of the Chu Lai airstrip.

b. A special team from the French National TV arrived May 27 for coverage of Marine units, Air Force units and Republic of Vietnam Air Force coverage. Marine activities were conducted by WO Smith, which included construction of the Chu Lai airstrip, a day and night with the 4th Marine Regiment, general news film coverage of Marines guarding Da Nang airfield, and general film coverage of the LAAM Bn. on Hill 327.