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PART II NARRATIVE SUMMARY During the month of January, 1968 the Regiment had two change of command ceremonies. On 5 January, 1968 Lieutenant Colonel T. J. STEVENS was relieved by Lieutenant Colonel T. J. WOODHAM, Jr. as the Commanding :::fiver of the 3rd Battalion, 27th Marines. On 22 January, 1968 a regi-Licnta2 change of oommand oeremony was held when Colonel G. J. CASMCNA uos relieved by Colonel A. G. SCHWENK as the Regimental Commander, 27th Marines(_)'„ Activities during the month of January centered primarily around the preparation and execution of battalion size airlift training exercises. Extensive training at all levels of the Command continued on annual marks-manship, acquiring battlesight zero's, swimming, physical readiness as well as required general military subjects training and especially that oriented towards operations in Vietnam. The 2nd Battalion, 27th Marines conducted a full scale BIT Airlift Ekerciae (Operation RANCHER CORRAL) during the period of 24-30 January 1968. Additionally, a company from the 3rd Battalion, 27th Marines acted the aggressor force for the exercise, and the Regimental Staffestab-:1.shed a Tactical Exercise Control headquarters for the operation. Of 11.;:c significance was the utilization of the previously conceived Staging 1 Loading Support Group (December, 1967) which proved to be of great in relief of the administrative and logistical burdens of the .-:,fining unit, by organizations not participating in the operation, thereby 'llowing the training battalion to achieve maximum benefit from the .0aaduled training. The basic concept and administrative details of this -roovation was previously submitted during the month of December to the -.;.Y.:manding General, 5th Marine Division. he lessons learned and the exercise of all facets during the month of 7u-u7ryiderived from the planning, preparation and execution of Operation •lCRER CORRAL is considered to have improved the combat readiness of the ;Gland considerably. Airing the first half of February, 1968, prior to the receipt of the •srving Order and subsequent deployment of the Regiment to the Republic -.2 Vietnam', the Regiment continued to concentrate in training in accordance current directives from higher headquarters. On 13 February, the 27th Marines were ordered to deploy to the Republic Vietnam, by air and surface, and came under Operational and Administra-i.ive control of the let Marine Division (Rein).