Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lt. Col. NG "Dusty" Rodes--

The XO of the 27th Marines

(Incidentally, in 1959, while I was stationed at Marine Barracks, Clarksville Base, Tenn., Litzenberg, then Inspector General of the Marine Corps, paid us an official visit. Our colonel made it a special occasion, with a Mess Night--Dress Blues, fancy menu, brandy, cigars and toasts-- the works. After dinner General Litzenberg, in an expansive mood, asked someone to sing a "good old song", and 1st Lt Raymond obliged with a Plebe Summer version of "The Armored Cruiser Squadron". The general was delighted, and capped it with a couple of mildy racy verses of his own. PS: The well-remembered 1stLt N. G. "Dusty"Rodes also made the march to Hungnam, as once reported by Salty Sam.)