Friday, January 18, 2013


Vietnam War monument takes shape in Bastrop

BUNKER--We travel all over the country to see war monuments, but now Central Texans have a chance to watch one being built.

Sculptors in Bastrop are carefully crafting a clay model of the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument.

Don Dorsey is a Vietnam veteran who is working to etch the names of Texans who died during the war—a total of 3,417 names.

"I'm doing it at the rate of 26 per hour," he said. "Though it was controversial, the people died like people do in every war, and we were willing to risk our lives for our country."
Now, 40 years later, the risks they took will be honored publicly. Dog tags from fallen soldiers will be entombed in the $1.5 million monument.

The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument is being sculpted in Bastrop at the Deep in the Heart Art Foundry. Once it’s finished, the 500-pound model will be cast in bronze--one step closer to helping Texans remember.

"It's been too long coming, it’s been 40 years,” Dorsey said. “There's just not been anything to recognize us for our service."
The State Capitol is already home to memorials dedicated to the Alamo, the Civil War, both World Wars and the Korean War. The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument will join the others November 2013.