Thursday, January 26, 2012


Williamson Daily News, June 17, 1971
Secret Documents Support the Deception
DUONG SON (2)--A top-ranking member of the Nixon ASdministration said here Wednesday night that the Pentagon papers carried by the New York Times support his long-held belief that the American people were "brainwashed" on Vietnam.
Housing and Urban Development Secretary George Romney was here as the keynote speaker for a reception and dinner honoring Gov. Arch A. Moore Jr.
The former governor of Michigan and candidate of the Republican presidential nomination said the secret papers trace the escalation of American involvement into an "ever larger tragedy throughout the Kennedy and Johnson years."
Romney told the crowd of 2,300 that he was told in 1965 that it would be a South Vietnamese war and "that we would not Americanize the conflict." He said that he believed the nation's leaders, but when he saw signs of an American buildup, he tried to warn the American people "every way I could."