Thursday, July 7, 2011


27th Marine Regiment
1st Marine Division (Rein), FMF
FPO, San Francisco, California 96602
Ser. 0059-68
2 Sep 1968

From: Commanding Officer
To: Commanding General, 1st Marine Division
Subj.: Command Chronology for period 010001H August to 312400H August 1968


During the month of August 1968, the Regiment continued operating in the DaNang TAOR. On 3 August 1968 the 27th Marine Regiment was relieved of operational responsibility of Operation ALLENBROOK on GO NOI Island by the Fifth Marines.
Within the DaNang TAOR, the emphasis continued on saturation patrolling with particular attention directed to the area of the rocket and mortar belts. Enemy contact was light to moderate throughout the month of August, with the principal means of warfare being the employment of mines and booby traps coupled with the utilization of guerrilla tactics against forces of the Regiment.
At 1200 on 2 August 1968, RLT 27 and BLT 1/27 were activated for planning in order to expedite preparations for redeployment of thos units to CONUS and Hawaii respectively.
On 28 August 1968 the 3rd Battalion, 27th Marines was relieved of responsibility of its TAOR by the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines. At 1800 on 30 August 1968, the 2nd Battalion, 27th Marines was relieved of responsibility for its TAOR by 1st Battalion, First Marines. At 1200 on 31 August 1968, RLT 27 was relieved of operational and tactical responsibility of its portion of the DaNang TAOR by the 1st Marines. Operational control of BLT 1/27 and 2nd Battalion, 27th Marines was passed to the First Marines at 1200 on 31 August.
As the reporting period closed, the Regimental Headquarters and 3rd Battalion were relieved of all tactical responsibilities and were preparing for redeployment. BLT 1/27 and 2nd Battalion remained in an operational status OPCON to First Marines. They were scheduled for released from tactical commitments in early September.