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I Corps//Enemy Forces

27th Marines//
The President
1/1/68//Order of Battle
Da Nang TAOR//Order of Battle/1968
Robert S Mueller III
DaNang TAOR Maps
1st Recon Bn//1968:
I Corps//Key Terrain
I Corps//Enemy Forces
Lang Vei//6Feb68
Army/USAF vs. USMC Air War

Da Nang Vicinity:

1stMarDiv Command Chronology//MAY 68

36th Regt., 308th Div.//AT9958
31st Regt., 341st Div.//ZC2058
368B Arty Regt.//ZC2062
Group 44//AT9553
3rd Quang Da Bn.//BT0952
1st Bn., 68B Arty Regt.,//ZC1938
3rd Sapper Bn.//ZC2048
2nd Sapper Bn.//AT9091

812 Regt.//YD3434
803rd Regt.//YD5043
9th Regt.//YD5810
90th Regt.//YD6010
K4B Bn.//ZC1096
K4C Bn.//YC9298
HQ 4th Regt.//ZC0298
22nd Regt.//Base Area 115
6th Regt.//YD5315
C-19th, C-24 Sapper Co's.//ZC0798

402nd Sapper Bn.//AT8259
R-20th Bn.//BT0057
V-25th Bn.//BT1654
Q-82nd Bn.//BT1058

("9th Regt." corrected to "29th Regt"//JUN 68)