Monday, February 14, 2011

27th Marines//Unpublished Chronicles


In February, 1968, the 27th Marine Regiment was airlifted from El Toro Air Station in Southern California under the title "27th RLT" (Regimental Landing Team) and touched down at DaNang, Vietnam. The 1st Batttalion later joined the main body as it entered the country from Hawaii via ship transport.

All of the information and documents below are from the official records of the 27th Marines which were de-classified and found at The documents are in PDF format and were preserved in scanned images. Because of that, Investintech's "Able2Extract" OCR (Optical Character Recognition) was utilized to convert the documents to text files so that they could be published.

Currently, the published documents will omit certain details of the unit's daily activities in the "Rocket Belt" to focus more on files involving the regiment's operations.