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1/1/1968//Order of Battle

27th Marines//
The President
1/1/68//Order of Battle
Da Nang TAOR//Order of Battle/1968
Robert S Mueller III
DaNang TAOR Maps
1st Recon Bn//1968:
I Corps//Key Terrain
I Corps//Enemy Forces
Lang Vei//6Feb68
Army/USAF vs. USMC Air War

(note: all locations, accurate or approximate, based on Stan Leishner Map/1968)

Allied Forces:

I Corps:

3rd Marine Division/Dong Ha
1st Marine Division/Da Nang
1st Marine Air Wing/Da Nang
36th Tactical Fighter Wing/Da Nang

Americal Division/Hoi An
3rd Brigade of 4th Infantry Division/Hoi An
196th and 198th Light Infantry Brigades/Hoi An
11th Infantry Brigade/Hoi An
3rd Brigade of 1st Cavalry Division/Hoi An
Airmobile (also attached)/Hoi An

ARVN 1st Division/Dong Ha
ARVN 51st Regiment/Hoi An
ARVN 2nd Division/Quang Ngai

ROK 2nd Marine Brigade//Chu Lai vic.
II Corps

1st Brigade of 4th Infantry Division/Dak To
Elements of 2nd Brigade $th Infantry Division/Dak To
Elements of 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)/An Khe
2nd Brigade of 4th Infantry Division/Ban Me Thuot
Elements of 25th Infantry Division/Ban Me Thuot
Elements of 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)/Qui Nhon
31st Tactical Fighter Wing//
1st Field Force Headquarters/Nha Trang
5th Special Forces Group HQ/Nha Trang
Army Engineers Command/Cam Ranh
12th Tactical Fighter Wing/Cam Ranh
483rd Troop Carrier Wing/Cam Ranh
35th Tactical Fighter Wing/Phan Hang
Elements of 101st Airborne/Phan Hang

ARVN 22nd Division/Qui Nhon
ARVN 23rd Division/Ban Me Thuot

ROK Capital Division/Qui Nhon
ROK White Horse Division/Nha Trang
Royal Australian Air Force Sqdn./Phan Hang

III Corps

1st Infantry Division/Quan Lok
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment/Bien Hoa
3rd Tactical Fighter Wing/Bien Hoa
1st Brigade/101st Airborne/Xuan Loc
199th Light Infantry Brigade/Long Thenh
Elements of 9th Division/Long Thenh
25th Infantry Division/Cu Chi

ARVN 5th Division/Saigon
ARVN 18th Division/Bien Hoa
ARVN 25th Division/Tan An

Royal Thai Queen's Cobra Regt./Long Thenh
Republic of Philippines Contingent/Tan An
2nd and 7th Battalions Royal Australian/Vuog Tau
Regt., 1st Australian TF/Vuog Tau
NZ Artillery Battery/Vuog Tau

IV Corps

Elements of 9th Infantry Division/My Tho
Delta Helicopter Aviation Bn./Can Tho
HQ for USN River Patrol Boats, SEALS/Can Tho
Junk Forces, Army Special Forces/Can Tho

ARVN 7th Division/My Tho
ARVN 9th Division/My Tho
21st Division/Vinh Loi

Enemy Forces:

NVA 324th B Division/Dong Ha
NVA 325th Division/Dong Ha
Elements of NVA 341st Division/Dong Ha

NVA 368th B Regt./Da Nang
Two Rocket Arty Bn's/Da Nang

NVA 2nd/3rd Div.s/S. of Hoi An
NVA 3rd Div./II Corps North
NVA 1st Div//E. of Pleiku
NVA 5th Div./ mid II Corps

VC 5th Div./III Corps East//Phuoc Binh
VC 9th Div./III Corps East
VC 7th Div./IV Corps Delta
Other VC Bn's//IV Corps Delta