Monday, August 16, 2010

Map Sheet 6640-4//RVN//DaNang TAOR


Southern sector Danang TAOR for 27th Marines was found in several map sheets, the predominant one being Sheet 6640-IV.
The map as a whole can be found at :"

A B/W version of the map:

Produced by: Army Map Service//Scale: 1:50000

Title: Dai Loc/ Series: L7014
Contour Interval: 20 Meters
NW Lat./Long.: 16 degrees N x 108 degrees E

SE Lat./Long.: 15 degrees, 45 minutes N x 108 degrees, 15 minutes E

Grid Zone: Grid: AT West-East: 790-990; South-North: 430-710
BT West-East: 000-050; \South-North: 430-710