Sunday, August 1, 2010

Interrogation Report//PERINTREP No. 18-68//5 May 1968


a. PW TA VAN HOA, NVA Aspirant, Engineer Subsection, QUANG NAM Special Sector Committee
(HOA VANG, Q NAM PW, 270800Z Msg, USD Army Adv GP I CTZ Reinterrogation, states that when
captured he was engaged in reconnaissance of both sides of the HAN River from vicinity
(BT 0470) to the TRINH MINH Bridge (BT 040762). The other members of the Recon Party were
Liaison Cadre and two members of the R.20 Bn. Reconnaissance was to be completed prior to
28Apr, and information reported to his superiors on GO NOI Island vicinity (AT 9553-BT 0753).
PW states the enemy will launch a second offensive in the DANANG area at many points. Exact
dates and locations are unknown. When sources left GO NOI Island, the following units were
located there: R20 Bn, V25 Bn and D-3 Bn (a newly infiltrated unit from NVN) The QUANG NAM
Province Unit was commanded by DUC but source heard that he had been killed; replacement
unknown. The R20 Bn was commanded by NAM, but he had also been replaced. The V25 Bn is
commanded by THANH.

(G-2 comment: The newly infiltrated D-3 Bn is probably the 3rd Sapper Bn which is know(n)
to be operating in the GO NOI Area. Reconnaissance of the HAN River indicates that the enemy may
possibly be planning to attack installations on DANANG EAST. First report of all personalities