Monday, August 2, 2010

III MAF Expansion//September 1965

13 Sept 1965

From: Commanding General
To: Commanding General, I Corps and Tactical Zone I

Subj: Expansion of Currently Assigned TAOR at DANANG

1.) The most recent extension of the operating area assigned to the III Marine Amphibious
Force was approved by your headquarters on 20 July 1965. Recent operations south of the
TAOR border, as well as successful I Corps operations south of the TAOR boundary, indicate
that further expansion of the TAOR boundary is desirable. This proposed expansion will
have a natural boundary along the SONG LA THO and SONG THANH QUIT. Further, this expansion
will allow the III MAF to assist your headquarters in driving the Viet Cong from the rich
rice bowl south of Danang.

2. (cont.) Present plans envisage the continued coordinated and gradual movement of Marine
forces southward into this area with full control to be accomplished prior to 1 November 1965.