Monday, August 2, 2010

III MAF Commo SNAFU//May 1965


From: 1stLt R.G. HOWE
To: Communications-Electronics Officer, III Marine Amphibious Force

Subj: Frequency Conference at MACV J-6, report of

1. The following topics were discussed at a frequency conference held at MACV J-6 on
21 May 1965.

a.) Out of Country Clearance-MACV frequency coordinator stated that requests for this type
clearance went back to Washington D.C. and that it would take approximately six months
to obtain clearance. He also stated that ARVN were very hesitant in authorizing out of
country circuits.

b.) Clearance of VHF (FM) frequencies-All requests for frequencies for radio sets AN/PRC
6, 8, 9, 10 and AN/GRC 3, 5 7 and 10 must be submitted to and cleared by local Corps
Advisor. I Corps advisor stated to group that III Marine Amphibiuos Force was not doing
this and that they (III Marine Amphibious Force) should be given a written order to do so.
It was stated to conference members that the ARVN control all frequencies and they are
rather reluctant to give them up.

e.) Classification of Frequency Requests- It was requested that all requests for frequencies be classified confidential vice Secret as MACV can't go to ARVN with
anything classified Secret or above.


CG FMFPAC 1518Z to CMC, CG III MAF, and others..."Lack of transmission equipment is causing
a daily backlog of between 200 and 500 priority two and five requisitions".