Monday, August 2, 2010

Duong Son (2)//August 1965


a. Enemy Forces

(2) Characteristics of the Area. Duong Son (2) has not been reconnoitered in detail, but indications are that this hamlet is heavily fortified and infested with punji traps, explosive type booby traps, including booby trapped gates and entrances. Most houses appear to have shelters and tunnels. A Pagoda type temple which is reportedly used as a messing and resting place for the VC is located at coordinates (AT 995677).
Anti-helicopter stakes have been observed at coordinates (AT 996679). A long trench partially covered with aluminum sheeting extends from coordinates (AT 999680 to (AT 999673). Another covered trench extends south from a bunker coordinates (AT 992675 to Duong Son (3). This trench is covered with sand over aluminum sheeting.

(3) Enemy strength and disposition. It is estimated that the enemy strength in the area is one VC Main Force Company supported by the equivalent of one company of Local Force Guerrillas. These units are armed with an assortment of small arms including automatic weapons, 81mm mortars, 60mm mortars,, 57mm Recoilless Rifles, grenades and assorted explosives. Exact disposition of these forces have not yet been determined, however platoon-sized units have been reported in Cam Ne (2) and Duong Son (2).

(4) Reinforcements. The 7th VC Battalion has several times been reported operating in the area south of Duong Son (2), however no exact location has been determined.